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Supporting Ukrainian survivors of international crimes in their fight for justice, accountability and reparation.


Ukraine Legal Network (ULN) is an initiative of the Nuhanovic Foundation. We are a group of Ukrainian and international lawyers working with and for Ukrainian survivors in the Netherlands in their search for justice. We focus on the priorities of Ukrainian survivors using the wide range of legal tools available, from domestic Dutch criminal and civil litigation to international courts such as the ICC and ICJ, as well as international justice mechanisms like the Genocide Network, Eurojust Joint Investigative Taskforces, and human rights systems.


There are over 95.000 Ukrainian survivors seeking refuge in the Netherlands. Our mission is to support them in their fight for justice and redress.

ULN is dedicated to helping Ukrainian survivors of international crimes and human rights violations access justice and establish accountability for the harm they have suffered. Our aim is to reflect victim priorities and facilitate victim engagement in justice initiatives, and feedback from the Ukrainian community in The Netherlands lies at the heart of our efforts.


ULN’s initiatives focus on 4 key approaches that address crucial gaps in the Ukrainian community’s access to justice mechanisms in the Netherlands.


Survivor Support Centre

ULN provides legal and non-legal information to Ukrainians in the Netherlands, facilitates access to legal advice and representation, and uses referral pathways to ease access to social and psychological services.


Training & Legal Capacity Building

Through a series of lectures, training and interactive events, ULN and its partners help empower Ukrainian legal advocates to serve their community’s justice needs.


Community-Engagement & Case-Building

ULN engages with the Ukrainian community in the Netherlands to act as a link between survivors and justice mechanisms such as the ICC, ICJ, and more.


Advocacy & Lobbying

ULN helps Ukrainian survivors have a voice in their own justice processes by ensuring that authorities engage with the survivor community and offer opportunities for survivor participation.


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Supporting Ukrainian survivors of international crimes in their fight for justice, accountability and reparation.

Join us in our mission to achieve justice and redress for Ukrainian survivors.

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