Our story Ukraine Legal Network February 6, 2020
Our History

There are over 95.000 Ukrainians refugees in the Netherlands, many of whom are survivors or witnesses of atrocity crimes and human rights violations. 

Ukraine Legal Network was initiated as a bottom-up, survivor-led project to respond to the legal and non-legal needs of the Ukrainian community. We do this by organising, informing and empowering Ukrainian legal practitioners, human rights activists and law students who reside in the Netherlands, and actively utilising accountability options available in the Dutch legal system or international mechanisms based in the Netherlands, such as the International Criminal Court (ICC) and the International Court of Justice (ICJ).

By enabling Ukrainian survivors of international crimes to participate in the justice mechanisms taking place in the Netherlands, we aim to contribute to victim-centric justice processes.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support Ukrainian survivors
in the Netherlands and beyond in their fight for
justice and redress.

ULN is dedicated to helping Ukrainian survivors of international crimes and human rights violations access justice and establish accountability for the harm they have suffered. Our mission is to reflect victim priorities, and feedback from the Ukrainian community in the Netherlands lies at the heart of our efforts.

Our Vision

Our vision is a world where victim engagemen is at the  heart of justice processes.

We strive to create accessible justice processes and facilitate victim engagement by contributing to ongoing accountability efforts, ensuring that these efforts are augmented through the participation of the Ukrainian survivor community. As a civil society organisation with deep ties to domestic and international justice mechanisms in the Netherlands, we want to make access to justice for Ukrainian survivors in the Netherlands a reality.

Our Team
Hope Rikkelman


Frederiek de Vlaming

Senior Advisor

Olesia Zaiets

Project Officer

Bogdana Cherniavska

Project Coordinator

Denise Alkadiri-Kohi

Legal Office Manager

Raghav Sarma

Communications Manager

Our Team
Our Partners
Our Partners